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Welcome to
Cura Barnmorskemottagning & Mödravård

Your Maternal Health Care Clinic in Malmö

 News! We offer all women with commonly occurring gynecological problems time for gynecological examination and treatment by the midwife, e.g., vaginal discharge, itching, painful menstruation, intercourse pain, menstrual shift, unspecified gynecological symptoms, or simply the desire for gynecological examination.

We are the Maternal Health Care Clinic with the personal and professional care of pregnant women. Our midwives are all highly experienced with great professional competence and at every out-patient visit you will meet your own midwife. We carefully listen to your story and we try hard to meet your expectations and to give you a safe course through your pregnancy.

You and your partner are welcome to join our education program for parents-to-be. Book through your midwife.

Our physicians are specialists in obstetrics and gynecology and are highly competent with long experience. At Curakliniken we perform ultrasonographies ourselves, without unnecessary delay and hassles with referrals. By our accreditation from Region Skåne, we are obliged to provide basic maternal health care services to our pregnant women, but we have higher ambitions than that, so we also provide care programs customized for you, like for example the 32-week ultrasonography for check of fetal growth, and transvaginal ultrasound for measurement of cervix and prevention of preterm birth. Join our

Premature Prevention Program.

You are also welcome to book for Pap smear test, prescription of contraceptives, pregnancy test, vaccination against Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), and test for STD. The drop-in clinic is open Tuesdays at 8-9 am (temporary break during summer holiday until w 34).

We are your private MVC in Skåne, located close to Malmö City and to Limhamn, with free parking and easily accessed by public bus transportation.

We are not a general Barnmorskemottagning, we are more!

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